About NevSom – Norwegian Centre of Expertise for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Hypersomnias

The aim of a national centre of expertise is to disseminate and develop professional knowledge and competence within its expert area and contribute to equal health services. NevSom does not provide individual patient care. The centre’s expertise includes two diagnostic categories: neurodevelopmental disorders associated with rare conditions, and primary hypersomnias originating in the central nervous system.

Photo of NevSom's office building
NevSom's office building. (Photo: Marit Skram.)

Neurodevelopmental disorders  

Neurodevelopmental disorders are behavioural and cognitive disorders that arise during the developmental period that involve significant difficulties in the acquisition and execution of specific intellectual, motor, language, or social functions. Although behavioural and cognitive deficits are present in many mental and behavioural disorders that can arise during the developmental period (e.g., Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder), only disorders whose core features are neurodevelopmental are included in this grouping. The presumptive etiology for neurodevelopmental disorders is complex, and in many individual cases is unknown.  


Hypersomnia means increased sleep or increased sleepiness. NevSom specializes in the three hypersomnias narcolepsy, idiopathic hypersomnia and Kleine-Levin syndrome. These rare brain disorders are characterised by an inability to regulate sleep and wakefulness adequately.  


​Our most important activities include supporting professionals, conducting research and teaching. We also devise or translate guidelines, information materials, and occasionally act as consultants for Norwegian health authorities. NevSom leads and participates in regional, national and international professional networks, and collaborate with healthcare providers, researchers, and patient organisations.  

​A list of our scientific publications are available at OUH - NevSom (ous-research.no).  
Special assignment on swine flu epidemic and Pandemrix  
NevSom has a specific assignment to follow up on those who developed narcolepsy after the swine flu pandemic and the Pandemrix vaccination in 2009-2010. The assignment includes developing a medical quality registry for narcolepsy, conducting research, and educating patients and their relatives on how to cope with the diagnosis.


NevSom is part of Oslo University Hospital, the Division of Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine, and located at Ullevål in Oslo. The centre is part of the The National Advisory Unit on Rare Disorders (NKSD), which consists of nine national centres of expertise and a coordinating unit.  

Contact information  

Office: +47 2301 60 30  
Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 08.00 am -15.00 pm.   
​E-mail: post.nevsom@ous-hf.no (Do not send any personal information via e-mail.)  

Visiting address:  

​Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål  
Kirkeveien 166, Oslo  
Building 31A, 4. floor  (accessible also by elevator)  

Postal address   

NevSom – Nasjonalt kompetansesenter for   
Nevroutviklingsforstyrrelser og hypersomnier  
Oslo universitetssykehus   
Postboks 4956 Nydalen  
NO-0424 OSLO  


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