FOTS annual report 2023

Deadline for reporting is the 29th of Feb 2024

Publisert 08.12.2023

Annual report for 2023 must be delivered via FOTS, at the latest on Feb 29th 2024.

Annual reports are also required if the project is still active and no animals were used in 2023.

For projects where the FOTS id expired and/or the experiments were completed in 2023, you must also terminate the project in FOTS ("Terminating the experiment"). Users are recommended to submit the final report before the end of 2023 (submission of final report in 2024 will NOT offset FOTS from requesting an annual report for 2024).

FOTS annual reporting guidance (pdf) 

(the document is attached in the procedure eHåndbok - Søknad om dyreforsøk )

For Science Linker users:
To get numbers for the annual report- right click on the orange button "Reports" in the rack dialog in Science Linker.​