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​"We are extremely pleased to partner with OUS and the rest of our consortium in PROCardio: the Precision Health Center for optimized cardiac care. This is an exciting opportunity to contribute directly to the development of cutting-edge computational technologies for critical breakthroughs in cardiovascular disease treatment pathways", said Molly Maleckar, research professor at Simula. Dr. Maleckar is the Simula lead, the PROCardio technical coordinator, and a work package lead. She notes that the success here builds upon work in the earlier SFI Center for Cardiological Innovation and, particularly, the efforts of colleague Dr. Samuel Wall.

The expected impact of the PROCardio centre is spread across a wide range of stakeholders, including commercial companies in the ICT and healthcare industry, but most importantly to patients, healthcare providers and payers. PROCardio will enable better and earlier detection of heart disease across the spectrum of cardiac disease by multi-modality monitoring, use of novel techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning. PROCardio will enable early intervention of therapeutic measures that will improve individual health and improve morbidity and survival in large patient groups and help to focus resources on high-risk individuals and avoid under and over-treatment.

"Simula is proud to be a partner in another SFI. We look forward to the value creation this centre will provide as it as an exciting opportunity to bring together research and innovation", says deputy managing director Kyrre Lekve. 

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