Sesam comes in two flavours, as a tool or as a managed service.With Sesam you eliminate the need for complex integration processes, regardless of flavour.  The choice is simply whether you want zero effort or full control. Sesam Talk automates everything, while Sesam Hub brings full flexibility.

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Sesam synchronizes 2-way and manages data between systems at a semantic level. This eliminates the need for system integration and modifications to any system and allows each system to work autonomously while still providing continuous data interoperability.

The Sesam component has already been in use for a quite a while – bringing agile data quality to a range of systems, and data platforms. And no matter the system or format, the feedback is unanimous: Sesam increases the system's business value by enhancing its data.

High data quality​ is when the data is well-suited to serve its purpose. Centralizing the data makes it more usable and ensures that everyone is working with the same dataset, processes and requirements. Having data accessible to employees in different departments is beneficial for organizations that want to leverage data effectively. Data synchronization ensures data accuracy, security and compliance, and eliminates silos which minimizes errors and issues.

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