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ProCardio Center for Innovation

ProCardio is a center for research-based innovation, lead by professor Kristina Haugaa. The center will develop, test and quality-assure tools that can reliably predict an individual patient's disease progression, and provide a far-reaching perspective on future, possible forms of treatment, provide optimal treatment and prevent disease from developing further.

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Heart disease can strike at any age and lead to chronic disease or strike suddenly in the form of cardiac arrest. The new ProCardio center will contribute new methods to improve the life prospects of patients with heart disease and prevent cardiac arrest. Healthcare professionals spend a lot of time finding information about patients in patient records, where important information can be hidden in long records and other health records. Our new methods will use information from imaging of the heart, heart rhythm tests and genetic tests that help treating healthcare professionals find the correct diagnosis, get an overview of the development of the disease over time and to estimate the risk of adverse events such as cardiac arrest. We will use artificial intelligence to improve the follow-up of the patient.

From idea to product

Many heart diseases have a chronic course with worsening over time such as valve diseases, heart failure, heart muscle diseases and heart damage after cancer treatment. It is important to find the right time to initiate a treatment such as surgery for the heart valve or insertion of an implantable defibrillator. The optimal time for treatment will vary individually. ProCardio will develop new methods that determine each patient's course and optimal time for treatment to reduce suffering and prevent sudden death.

At ProCardio, researchers and industrial partners work together to ensure that our ideas become products that benefit patients. ​​

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Professor Kristina Haugaa


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Focus areas

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