Neuroscience - from the clinic to the laboratory and back

The Vilhelm Magnus Laboratory celebrates its 40th birthday by arranging a symposium bringing together some of the most prominent members of the scientific society to discuss current advancements and future pathways for improved patient care. Place: Runde auditorium, Domus Medica, Sognsvannsveien 9, Oslo Date: 21st of October

Publisert 10.10.2022
En person som står foran en gruppe mennesker
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Programme ​
​Moderator: Tor Ingebrigtsen
09:00Jon Ramm-Pettersen, Ullevål: Strategies and goals when starting a research group
09:15Ole Solheim, St Olav: Building a clinical group - The example of low grade glioma
09:30Morten Lund- Johannesen, Haukeland: "How I became so good"
09:45Terje Sundstrøm, Haukeland: Obstacles met when establishing a new clinical protocol
10:00Coffe break
Moderator: Frode Kolstad
10:15Morten Moe, University of Oslo: Stem cells in the adult human brain
10:30Emilie R Skytøen, NTNU: Entorhinal-hippocampal cells - A Spacetime Odyssey
10:45Cecilie Sandberg, Vilhelm Magnus Lab: Glioblastoma stem cells
11:00Einar Vik-Mo, Vilhelm Magnus Lab: Targeting cells in brain cancer
Moderator: Iver A Langmoen
12:00Mikael Svensson, Karolinska Institutet: Adressing clinical problems with the tools of basic science
12:35Winston Hide, Harvard University: Data driven vs what we know. Changing the paradigm of drug targeting. 
13:10Coffe break
13:20Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, Stanford University: Brain cancer - New treatment strategies based on novel biological understanding
14:00May-Britt Moser, NTNU - Vilhelm Magnus lecture:                                                   
Space and memory in the brain
14:45Coffe break
Moderator: Einar O Vik-Mo
15:00Tor Ingebrigtsen, The Arctic University: The Norwegian Brain Tumor Consortium
15:15Panel discussion. Professors May-Britt Moser, NTNU, Michelle Monje-Deisseroth, Stanford, Winston Hide, Harvard and Mikael Svensson, Karolinska Institutet: Strategies for solving complex scientific problems in the diseased and healthy brain