ESC Cardio Talk featuring Professor Smiseth and Dr. Bøe

LA reservoir strain plays an important role in the diagnostics of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). Is it time to reclassify heart failure by incorporating global longitudinal strain in the evaluation of HFpEF, and what is the future of LA strain in this respect?

Publisert 24.08.2022
Sist oppdatert 24.03.2023
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​Listen to the Podcast "Left atrial strain imaging: ready for clinical implementation in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction​" with Professor Otto Smiseth and Doctor Espen Bøe and find out, if it is time to change the way we phenotype heart failure.

Further information on how to measure LA strain and avoid some of the pitfalls, can be found in the article "How to do LA strain​"​, published in European Heart Journal, Cardiovascular Imaging.