A promising pipeline of novel medicines

Tribune Therapeutics is a preclinical biopharmaceutical company building a promising pipeline of novel medicines to treat patients with a wide range of fibrotic diseases. Tribune Therapeutics was founded by Dr. Kaasbøll, Professor Attramadal and Mr. Vo Beiske together with HealthCap and Novo Seeds in 2020. Tribune Therapeutics has in-licensed an asset from Inven2, one of the largest technology transfer offices in the Nordic region.

Publisert 23.09.2022
Sist oppdatert 31.07.2023
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Tribune Therapeutics is developing novel medicines to treat patients with fibrotic disease. The medicines target the CCN protein family. The CCN protein family is a group of signaling proteins central to the development of fibrosis; the process of exaggerated scar tissue formation. The most famous protein in the CCN family is CCN2, also known as Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF). However, several of the other CCN family members have also been shown to be important drivers of fibrosis, and thus broader inhibition has a greater anti-fibrotic potential than solely targeting CCN2.

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