DNA-testing at Oslo University Hospital

Paternity - maternity - twins - other relationship

​Oslo University Hospital offer DNA-testing regarding paternity - maternity - twins - and other relationships.

If you have questions, please contact us on email: rettsgenetikk@ous.no before ordering a private DNA-test.

This website is addressed to members of the public. Private DNA testing is voluntary and the individuals being tested give their consent for DNA testing. You can order cases for paternity as well as maternity DNA testing, sibling DNA-testing, grandparentage DNA testing, personel DNA profiling and Y-chromosome DNA-testing (paternal lineages). 

NAV and Tingrett: If you are obliged by the government departments (NAV) or legal profession (Tingrett) to give a sample for DNA testing, you must follow the instructions you have recived from them and make an appointment at your medical doctor or a laboratory​ (ex. Fürst or Volvat) for taking samples and control of identity. The medical doctor will send the samples to our laboratory for analysis.  

ID-number: For application of Norwegian ID-number (fødselsnummer) please follow the "Veiviser" at Skatteetaten. 

or contact the ambassy or Skatteetaten.

Passport: For renewal of passports, please contact the ambassy.


Ordering a private DNA-test:

1)      You can order or send a request for a DNA analysis by filling out a format and send it to our departement. Enter the name and date of birth for all participants and the name of the person in charge for administration and payment of the test.

Price: 1690,- Nkr for each person.

2)      We register the order and the person in charge will recieve all documents regaring the test; the contract, the inform concents for all participants and the sample collection kits (buccal swabs and FTA-micro cards). 

3)      The person in charge is responsible for handing/sending out the inform concents and the sample collection kits to all the participants and for payment of the DNA analysis. Payment is only possible by invoice sent to the person in charge in Norway. 

4)      The sample (buccal celles from the inside of the cheek) can either been taken by a medical trained person (doctor, nurse, laborant or ambassy staff abroad) or by the participants themselves, unless documentation of their identity is important for the use of the results by the government / UDI / Skatteetaten (personregisteret). If this is the case, the identity of the person sampled has to be assured.

If the sample is taken by a medical trained person, you should bring the inform concent and the sample collection kit (unbroken) to the sampler. The medical trained personel will take the sample and assure that the right person has been sampled. Remember to bring valid identification papers. Some authorities also require 2 photos. Parents signs for children under 15 years. The medical personel sends the sample directly to the department for analysis.

If you take the sample at home, you should follow the instructions attached and send the sample to the department  with the signed inform concent.  

Samples can be sent separately.

The documentation regarding sampling will be returned together with the test report to the person in charge. 

5)      The person in charge will recieve the test report. A copy of the report will be sendt to the second person in charge if registered. Only the participants or legal parties of the paticipants have the right to recieve the report.

Complex family relationship testing

In general, the manner how to proceed when ordering a DNA analysis of a complex family relationship, is the same as the one described In complex family relationship testing additional analysis is often required and the respone time will be 3-5 weeks.  


Order form:  Paternity test.pdf

Order form: Kinship test, twin test or DNA profile.pdf

Sampling of buccal cells: Instruction for Buccal cell collection.pdf

Norwegian Population register / Skatteetaten: For application of Norwegian ID-number in order to obtain a passport



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