Transfer of bone marrow donor from foreign registry

Information for bone marrow donor registries outside Norway and bone marrow donors moving to Norway from another country.

If a donor has been previously registered and HLA-typed in a foreign registry and is permanently moving to Norway, we will be happy to register this donor in The Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry, even if the donor is not a blood donor.

The donor must inform their “old registry” that they are moving and want to be transferred to Norway.

The "old registry" must provide the donor with the donor's HLA-typing results.

The donor must contact us and forward us the HLA-typing result from the previous registry.

Also, the donor must fill in a consent/health information form that we will send to the donor after being contacted.

Please do not send personal information (full name, date of birth, social security number) using e-mail. We can contact the donor by phone to collect this information. Also the donor can send us the consent form using postal mail. 

contact us by e-mail:

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