Norwegian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (NBMDR) is a registry of Norwegian and Icelandic HLA-typed volunteer bone marrow and peripheral blood stem cell (PBSC) donors.


NBMDR recruits blood donors from blood banks throughout Norway (since 2004 also from Iceland). HLA types of all NBMDR donors are listed in World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) Search&Match service, and representatives from NBMDR take active part in WMDA.

NBMDR is open for search requests for stem cell donation to patients at transplant centers.

Grafisk brukergrensesnitt

NBMDR has been accredited by WMDA since March 27, 2009. Department of Immunology, which performs the HLA typing, is accredited by European Federation of Immunogenetics (EFI). NBMDR is licensed by the Norwegian Directorate for Health and Social Affairs as a tissue establishment according to the Norwegian regulation of April 7, 2006, on setting standards of quality and safety for the donation, procurement, testing, processing, preservation, storage and distribution of human tissue and cells (EU and Commission Directives on human tissue and cells).​


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