Creating Networks of Expertise in order to facilitate the improvement of diagnosis and treatment of people with cancer across Europe

As a part of the EU4Health Program, the two-year project Joint Action on Networks of Expertise (JANE) was initiated in October 2022. JANE, coordinated by Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori (Italy) and supported by 34 other partners, is endorsed by the EU Commission and aligns with the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients across Europe. 

The aim of JANE is to cover all the preparatory activities needed to establish networks of excellence on cancer. During the next two years, members of the JANE project​ will develop seven different networks, including 1) Primary Prevention, 2) Survivorship, 3) Palliative Care, 4) Poor Prognosis and Complex Cancers, 5) Omics Technology, 6) High Technology, and 7) Adolescents and Young Adults). The JANE project will also focus on sustainability, coordination between the networks of expertise, information-technology infrastructure (including artificial intelligence), and patient involvement.

Oslo University Hospital (OUS) will, together with the support from different European partners from seven countries and experts from seven designated cancer centers from the European Society for Medical Oncology, develop the Palliative Care network. In other words, OUS will prepare everything necessary for establishing a sustainable Network of Expertise in Palliative care to support the integration of evidence-based palliative care into routine cancer care and ensure equitable access to Palliative Care across EU member states. As such, OUS will provide an extensive report clarifying the scope of the Palliative Care network, expected activities, partners’ governance, sustainability, the capacity of participating centers to perform as required, indicators of efficacy and cost/efficacy evaluation criteria, and interplay with EU Member States, other EU networks, comprehensive cancer centers, and patients. ​​​

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