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Medisinsk robotikk, visualisering og navigasjon

The Medical Robotics, visualization and navigation group, develops cutting edge technological solutions which support minimally invasive procedures and patient monitoring. In particular, the group is focused on developing real-time image-segmentation and registration methods.


  • Gruppeleder: Ole Jacob Elle, Associate professor
  • Telefon: 23 07 01 12 og 91 17 17 90
  • E-post: og

Portrettbilde av Ole Jacob Elle.

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Besøksadresse og postadresse

  • Oslo universitetssykehus (OUS). 
  • The Intervention Centre.

Most minimally invasive procedures restrict the access and direct vision to the regions which require surgery. Such procedures require intra-operative image modalities such as x-ray, ultrasound or endoscopic images as well as biomedical sensor data to be able to monitor the procedure in real-time.  In many cases this information is not sufficient to perform the procedure accurately and safely. Merging information acquired pre-operatively, mainly from for instance MRI, CT or PET, with intra-operative data can increase the basis for decisions and thereby improve the safety and accuracy of the procedure. 

The Medical Robotics, visualization and navigation group, develops cutting edge technological solutions which support minimally invasive procedures and patient monitoring. In particular, the group is focused on developing real-time image-segmentation and - registration methods. Visualization and navigation is required to present the medical images to the surgeon intra-operatively. 3D video will be more and more cross-linked with medical image information and move toward robotics and automation of surgical procedures. The research group is doing research in all these fields of technology facilitating minimally invasive surgery and patient monitoring.

Langsikt​​ige​​ mål

It aims to be a nationally and internationally leading research environment in technological solutions for in the following research areas:


  • Developing new building block for navigation technology in different surgical disciplines like laparoscopic liver resection, neurosurgery and catheter-based interventions. Such building blocks rely on new preoperative and intra-operative image analysis/processing algorithms, where the intra-operative methods need to consider real-time or near to real-time constraints such as segmentation, volume visualisation and co-registration.
  • Robotic technology ranging from haptic feedback and augmented reality in tele-surgical systems, semi-autonomous systems for support in the operating theatre and miniaturised robotic systems on the tip of a catheter or in a pill-cam system.
  • Explore more research in areas like targeted treatment, new imaging techniques and micro technology.
  • Biomedical modelling of organs like heart, liver etc. , using advanced mathematical models like finite element (FEM) describing tissue properties, flow pattern for prediction and simulation.
  • Development of new monitoring technology e.g. accelerometer and gyro sensors including advanced signal processing for detection of changes in heart conditions. 


  • Rafael Palomar, PhD-fellow/Software developer (Permanent position since 01.09.2016)
  • Rahul Kumar, Postdoc
  • Espen Remme, Senior Researcher in 30% (shared IVS/Kirurgisk forskning)
  • Louise Oram, Software developer in NorMIT.
  • Kim Mathiassen, PhD fellow (also at ROBIN-group at IFI/UIO)
  • Magnus Krogh, PhD fellow
  • Liubov Nikitushkina, PhD fellow (UIO/OUS/Simula/UCSD)
  • Egidijus Pelanis, PhD fellow (EU-project HiPerNav)
  • Pravda Jit Ray, PhD-fellow (EU-project HiPerNav)
  • Andrea Teatini, PhD-fellow (EU-project HiPerNav)​​

Ended EU-proj​ects:

  • IIIOS (Integrated Intra-operative Imaging Operating System)

  • SCath (Smart Catheterization)

  • I-SUR (Intelligent Surgical Robotics)

Ongoing NFR:

  • NorMIT, National Research Infrastructur for Minimally Invasive Treatment

Ongoing Helse Sør-Øst:

  • Hepa-Navi, Liver Navigation platform (Postdoc-2014)

  • Fast vessel segmentation algorithm (Innovation-2014)

  • Service at OUS – 3D printing of organ models (Innovation-2015)

  • Modulbasert Operasjonslys for Hybride Operasjonsstuer (Innovation-2016)

  • Måling av hjertefunksjon ved hjelp av en ny miniatyrisert bevegelsessensor (Innovation-2016)

  • Mimiq: Tilpasningsdyktig LED sporing for navigasjon og medisinsk robotikk (Innovation-2016)

  • HoloViz: Mixed Reality 3D Visualization and Interaction for Surgery using HoloLens (Innovation-2017)

  • Three dimensional display and printing of heart models – new tools for planning surgery and interventions in congenital heart disease (Postdoc-2017)

  • HoloCare, Regional Project consortium within Mixed Reality Visualization in Health (HSØ/Innovation-2017)

Other ongoing projects:

  • Planning and navigation platform for Laparoscopic Liver Resection

  • Modell based catheter navigation and Catheter tip tracking and catheter navigation in MR

  • Semi-autonomous ultrasound robot for nedle insertion (UIO/IFI)

  • User interface/Interaction design projects

Ongoing EU-project funded:

  • As coordinator of the Marie Curie ITN-project: HiPerNav (High Performance soft-tissue Navigation), start date 01.11.2016

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