Klinisk og eksperimentell kardiovaskulær overvåkning

Gruppen har som mål å utvikle og teste ny teknologi for, kardiovaskulær overvåkning, kardiovaskulær respons på nye kardiovaskulære terapier og myokardfunksjon i terapeutisk hypotermi og alvorlig sepsis.


Gruppeleder Per Steinar Halvorsen.

  • Telefon: 23 07 01 00
  • Mobil: 46 43 14 99
  • E-post: sthalvor@ous-hf.no

Per Steinar Halvorsen

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Besøksadresse og postadresse​

The Intervention Centre, Division of Emergencies and Critical Care, Rikshospitalet, ​Postboks 4950, 0424 Oslo

Beskrivelse av forskningsprofil

Main aims:

  • Develop and test new technologies in cardiovascular monitoring

  • Cardiovascular response to new cardiovascular therapies

  • Myocardial function in therapeutic hypothermia and severe sepsis

This includes evaluating hemodynamic responses of 

  1. new cardiovascular image guided procedures

  2. ECMO strategies

  3. treatment for end stage heart failure with ventricular assist devices (VAD)

Langsiktig mål

To translate new concepts in technology and physiology into clinical practice.




Assosierte medlemmer



  • TAVI: is myocardial reserve related to long term outcome?
  • Accelerometer for detection of thromboembolic events in LVAD
  • Accelerometer/gyro/magnetometer for monitoring changes in right and left ventricular load and detection of graded myocardial ischemia.
  • Can betablockers improve survival and cardiovascular function after cardiac arrest: an experimental ECMO study
  • Left and right ventricular dysfunction in severe sepsis; the effect of pulmonary hypertension and interventricular septal shift
  • Myocardial effects of therapeutic hypothermia in cardiac surgery
  • Effects of epinephrine and betablockers on systolic and diastolic left ventricular function during therapeutic hypothermia
  • Multifunctional pacemaker systems for cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT)   

  • OSCAR research network at Oslo University Hospital: Professor K. Sunde
  • WiBEC EU-project at The Intervention Centre: Professor Ilangko Balasingham,
  • Biosensor Research Group at Oslo University Hospital: Professor T. I. Tønnessen
  • Complement Research Group at Oslo University Hospital: Professor Tom Eirik Mollnes
  • University College of Southeast Norway: Professor Kristin Imenes

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