ProCardio Academic partners

ProCardio collaborates with several academic institues in Norway and abroad.

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The Institute of Clinical Medicine​ at University of Oslo (UiO) educates and do research in all clinical disciplines. The institute is responsible for all practical patient-oriented teaching of medical students and coordinates five out of eight modules at the Professional Study in Medicine. Research is conducted at the institute within all the major disease groups. The research ranges from patient-focused clinical research to molecular biological studies of disease processes and testing of new technological equipment for diagnostics and treatment.

Within ProCardio UiO provides


  • Oldest and largest research and educational institution in medicine in Norway
  • K.G. Jebsen Centre for Cardiac Research is a global reference in the field of cardiology, combining outstanding PIs with an extensive international network of research partners


  • PhD training for OUS-hosted researchers

Read more at the UiO.klinmed website


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"Simula's main objective is to create knowledge about fundamental scientific challenges that are of genuine value for society.

Simula is a research organisation conducting high-quality research within information and communication technology. Simula’s mission is to benefit society by solving important problems in science, educating the next generation, and developing profitable tech enterprises."

Within ProCardio Simula provides


  • Host of several SFF, SFI, and EU networks focused on excellence in biomedical computing and computing in cardiology
  • Mathematical growth models for cardiac physiology, growth, and remodeling
  • Datadriven models and analysis for risk prediction
  • Computational Cardiology Models for biophysical simulation


  • Access to large computational cluster facilities for training and deployment of resource-intensive algorithms and models

Read more on the Simula website

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NTNU is an international oriented university with headquarters in Trondheim. NTNU has a main profile in science and technology. 

ProCardio collaborate with two research centers at NTNU

  1. Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS)

    The Centre for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions for health care, maritime, and oil & gas (CIUS) brings academia and industry together to address needs and challenges across all three sectors.
  2. K.G. Jebsen Center for Genetic Epidemiology

    The overall aim of the K.G. Jebsen Center for Genetic Epidemiology is to better understand human health and disease by studying genomic variation in populations. The center primarily works on the translational axis between population-based and laboratory-based research.

WIthin ProCardio NTNU provides


  • Acknowledged as a SFI center for Innovative Ultrasound Solutions (CIUS)
  • Extensive know-how on medical imaging technology, in particular ultrasound
  • Expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms
  • Centre of excellence for translational medical research at the interface of epidemiology, genetics, statistics, bioinformatics and systems biology


  • Extensive databases with follow up echocardiographic studies and outcome data
  • Computational infrastructure to train and run resource-intensive AI algorithms
  • Databases on genetic markers to be coupled with cardiac imaging in HUNT database and its digital infrastructure, and also a substantial number of other omics data such as NMR-based metabolomics, CVD related protein arrays, transcriptomics and other targeted protein biomarkers

Read more at the NTNU website

Last updated 5/5/2024