Covid-19 vaccine induced heart inflammation in Norway

The Covid-19 pandemic led governments worldwide to launch mass vaccination campaigns to prevent Covid-19. In Europe and the USA, two vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) were developed at record speed using new technology. As the mass vaccination efforts continued, reports began to surface about heart inflammation in some individuals, including younger people, following vaccination. This naturally raised concerns: Is the vaccine safe? Why should younger individuals, who typically don't get severely ill from Covid-19, get vaccinated?

Our research project aims to determine how many people in Norway have developed heart inflammation due to the vaccine and assess their long-term outcomes. This project will help us understand the incidence of vaccine-induced heart inflammation, identify factors that make certain individuals more susceptible, and monitor the long-term effects on their hearts. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring safer vaccines and improving public health.

Study flowchart - inclusion of patients.


Last updated 7/5/2024