CardioVisio for Atrial Fibrillation

GE HealthCare announced the launch of their digital tool CardioVisio for Atril Fibrillation (AFib) at ESC 2023. The tool is designed to assist clinicians in visualizing longitudinal data relevant for disease progression from multiple data sources, and driving evidence based clinical decision support directed by up-to-date AFib guidelines.

Published 7/8/2024
Last updated 7/10/2024
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- "Existing diagnosis and treatment care models for AFib have been shown to be complex, time consuming and disconnected with disparate guidelines and poor guideline adherence” said Eigil Samset, PhD, general manager, Cardiology Solutions, GE HealthCare. 

- “With CardioVisio for AFib, we’re providing cardiologists with a powerful tool to tell the story of the heart, including previous diagnoses, prescribed medications, interventions, and comorbidities.”

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