Information about the annual spring and fall meeting below.

Spring meeting 2024

Dato: 25.04.24

Sted: NTNU/St.Olav, Trondheim

Program in short: 

Speed updates

  • Mitral valve segmentation and tracking using ultrasound
  • MV-prolapse: automatic valuve detection in MRI
  • MV-prolapse, arrhythmic insights
  • NeuECG
  • Vaccine induced myocarditis
  • CardioOncology Dashboard

Large language models - useful in echocardiography? 

Real-time AI demonstration at the Ultrasound lab


  • Natural language processing
  • Topics in AI
  • High frame rate imaging
  • Home monitoring in arrhytmia - merging data
  • Genetics
  • NeuECG

CIUS - how we work with innovation

ProCardio spring meeting 2024

The annual spring meeting were to be held at St.Olavs Hospital/NTNU in Trondheim on April 25th. However, due to an Avinor error that closed the entire airspace in Southern Norway, the meeting had to be held both physically and with remote participation from Oslo/Horten.
ProCardio spring meeting 2024
A group of airplanes on a runway

Fall meeting 2024

Dato: 26. - 27.09.24

Sted: Soria Moria hotel, Oslo



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