Spring workshop 2023

ProCardio hosts two workshops annually, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. An established tradition is focus on innovation in addition to research and collaboration. This year Inven2 was invited to give a talk on the innovative path and the importance of product development. The center was introduced to how a technology transfer office works, and how one is to submit disclosures of inventions (DOFI's) to Inven2.

Publisert 25.05.2023
Sist oppdatert 27.06.2023
En gruppe mennesker som poserer for et bilde
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Center innovation and exploitation manager Christian Skattum talked about the different types of innovations that take place in a hospital. In addition to product development, there is also innovation in the way services are provided and improved. It is also important to keep in mind the transformation of clinical and in-house services towards citizens in their own homes, or closer to a local provider of assistance.

During the morning session on innovation, groups were asked to present Inven2 and the external jury with DOFI's that gave a short introduction on the invention, its utilization, market maturity and supporting data. In the end, the winners were awarded with a diploma and running belts, courtesy of Inven2. 

DOFI competition winners at workshop

The winners of the DOFI competition. Photo by Kristina Haugaa

The winner of the DOFI (disclosure of an idea/invention) competition was the group lead by Lasse Løvstakken, a professor at NTNU, and also the leader of work package 4, focusing on data science, machine learning and research. The project description that followed was impressive, but the competition was hard with many excellent proposals for inventions, and there is a good chance that several ideas might reach the market in the future. In fact, Halvard Grønlien from Inven2 was quite satisfied with the DOFI's and is looking forward to future collaboration with ProCardio.

Fra idé til produkt på ProCardo center for innovation – Inven2

Previous workshops have featured a session from Centre for Digital Life Norway (DLN) -a center that focuses on data management, transformation of biotechnology research, collaboration and innovation-, a competition on innovation, and working groups engaging in brainstorming and development of concepts for product development and improvements.